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If you require immediate assistance with any of our products or if you require a specialty product email us:

Ammoniated Glass Cleaner. RTU ammoniated glass
cleaner.  Blue color.
Crystal 10 Glass Cleaner.  Concentrated (20:1 dilution)
alcohol formulation.  Blue color.
RTU Glass Cleaner.  An economical, alcohol formulated
glass and hard surface cleaner.  Blue color.
 Marker Board Cleaner & Conditioner.  Formulated to 
clean dry erase surfaces. Mild citrus fragrance
H.P. Pine Cleaner.  Concentrated all purpose cleaner
 with pure pine oil.  Pine fragrance, yellow in color.
 Pine 80 Cleaner & Deodorizer.  Concentrated cleaner
formulated with 80% pure pine oil.  Light straw color.
APC 21.  An all purpose detergent cleaner with a lemon
fragrance.  Dilution up to 20:1.  Pink color.
Neutral Plus APC (synthetic).  Safe to use on floor finish.
Yellow color, lemon fragrance.
Neutrasol.  A low foam, neutral cleaner, for damp mopping
without rinsing.  Lemon fragrance, yellow/green color.
H.D. Greene.  A concentrated butyl cleaner and degreaser
with a 20:1 dilution.  Green color.
A.P. Super.  An economical butyl cleaner and degreaser
with a 10:1 dilution.  Clear color.
Clean Swipe.  RTU non-butyl cleaner & degreaser. Light
green, clean & fresh odor.
Spray 'N' Wipe. RTU all purpose, butyl cleaner.  Clear, slight
butyl odor.
H.D. Purple.  A concentrated butyl cleaner and degreaser
with a 30:1 dilution.  Sassafras fragrance, purple color.
T-Greene Butyl Degreaser.  An excellent, butyl degreaser.
Butyl odor, green color.
H.D. Butyl Blue.  An industrial grade butyl degreaser with
10%  butyl cellosolve.  Butyl odor, blue color.
E.B. Powersolve.  An industrial grade butyl degreaser with
5% butyl cellosolve.  Butyl odor, reddish/purple color.
Mildew Stain Remover. A chlorinated product for removal of 
mildew stain.  Chlorine odor; clear in color.
N.B. Majestic.  A concentrated non-butyl cleaner and de-
greaser.  Mint fragrance, green color. 


(Call for current market pricing.)
 C.T. Natural.  Citrus Terpenes / d'Limonene blend with emul-
sifying detergents.  Citrus fragrance, green color.
D.L. Natural.  Pure d'limonene with emulsifying detergents
added for easy rinseability.  Orange fragrance, orange color.
E.B. Natural Four.  A d'limonene and butyl cellosolve form-
ulation.  Orange fragrance with hint of vanilla, orange color.
D.L. Natural 50.  A concentrate cleaner formulated with 
50% d'limonene.  Orange fragrance, orange color. 


 Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner.  A non-corrosive-to-metal bowl
cleaner.  Fresh fragrance, green color.
Cherry Bowl Cleaner.  A mild acid bowl cleaner with a
pleasant fragrance.  Red color.  Cherry fragrance.
Blue Ribbon Bowl Cleaner.  Mild, slightly viscous blended
acid cleaner. Blue color, mint fragrance.
Emulsion Bowl Cleaner.  A concentrated, hydrochloric 
acid bowl cleaner.  Acid odor, white color.
Titanium Tile & Grout Cleaner.  An acid cleaner for tubs,
showers, basins and grout.  White color, mint fragrance.
Lift-Away Tile & Grout Cleaner.  Slightly viscous, phosphoric
acid cleaner.  Red color, mint fragrance.
SSR Super Concentrate.  Concentrated soap scum and
film remover, 4:1dilution.  Fresh fragrance, green color.
SSR Cleaner.  Soap scum and film remover excellent for tubs 
and showers.  Fresh fragrance, green color.  
GLH Greenline Earth Friendly Solutions
LSF Remover (Lime, Scale & Film).  Acid product for the  
removal of lime, scale, and film.
HCL Remover.  Dissolves lime, calcium or mineral deposits.
Excellent for removing concrete from trucks.  Strong acid odor;
slight straw color.
Descaler BJS-I Forumla Safe
ACF Cleaner.  A concentrated acid cleaner for coils and fin
cleaning.  Cherry fragrance, blue color.
A.L. Brite.  A concentrated aluminum cleaner & brightener.
Dilution up to 40:1.  Acid odor; clear in color.

 NMP (No More Pee).  Bioaugmentation liquid for carpet and pet odor
and spot removing. Liquid Bac. White Pleasant Industry Standard 

GLH Greenline Earth Friendly
Z-250.  Bioaugmentation liquid for septic tank,  
drain line maintainer & portable toilet treatment. Knockout frag.
Z-350.  Bioaugmentation liquid for liquid grease trap,
drain maintenance, lift stations, wet walls & treatment plants.
Cherry, like Survivors
Industrial, Institutional & Liquid Laundry  
Lemon Oil.  Furniture polish that gives a rich glow while
protecting against drying & cracking.  Lemon odor.
Liquid Laundry Detergent.  Formulated with alkali builders, 
nonionic & anionic surfactants. Clean fragrance.  
I & I Liquid Laundry Break.  Formulated to boost the alkalinity
level, improving cleaning efficiency.  Lemon fragrance.
I & I Liquid Laundry Detergent.  Industrial liquid laundry de-
tergent with alkali builders.  Lemon fragrance, blue color.

I & I Liquid Laundry Bleach.  10-12% industrial laundry 
bleach.  Chlorine odor, clear liquid.
I & I Liquid Laundry Softener.  Industrial liquid laundry soft-
ener and anti-static.  Lemon fragrance, green color.
Wetter Water.  Formulated to add increased wetting performance 
to water for rapid penetration of organic surfaces.  Blue in color.
Lift Station Degreaser (100% Solvent).  Floating degreaser
for municipalities.  Orange fragrance.  Orange color.
Cherry Sewer Degreaser.  High alkali sewer degreaser.  Dark
amber color.  Cherry fragrance.
Asphalt Foam Release Plus. A release agent for the asphalt
paving industry.  Dilute with water.  Brown in color.
Stainless Steel Cleaner.  A solvent base stainless steel
cleaner.  Lemon fragrance, clear color. 


 L D STAT 3.2.  A 3.2% dual quaternary ammonium cleaner/
disinfectant effective against HIV. Lemon odor; yellow color.
Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner.  A 1.6% dual quaternary ammonium
disinfectant effective against HIV.  Lemon odor, yellow color.

Pine STAT 2.0.  A great disinfectant containing pure pine oil
Amber color, pine fragrance.
"SWIPE" Disinfectant Cleaner.  RTU formulation for one-
step cleaning and disinfecting.  Floral odor, clear color.
Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner.  Fresh Scent  Micro Dine Sanitizer

10% Quat Sanitizer is designed for use in hotels, schools,  homes, food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, bars where sanitization is of prime importance.

 Clean & Fresh Hand Soap.  An excellent hand soap with a pleasant baby powder fragrance.  Pink in color.
 Almond Hand Soap.  A viscous hand soap. Soft to the skin with a
pleasant almond fragrance.  Pink in color. 

AMHS Hand Soap.  An antimicrobial hand cleaner for use in restaurants and schools.  Pink in color; almond fragrance.
Soft Skin Hand & Body Soap.  A ready-to-use hand & body soap. 
White color, almond fragrance.

Mountain Majesty AM Hand Soap.  Premium anticrobial hand soap.  Clear purple with pleasant fragrance.
Pearl White Hand Soap.  A beautiful, thick, white hand  soap with
a fresh clean fragrance.

Coconut Hand Soap.  A ready-to-use hand soap with a   light lemon fragrance.  Yellow / green color. 


Econo Hand Dishwash.  An economical, hand dishwashing
detergent.  Cherry fragrance.  Pink in color.
Pink Dishwashing Detergent.  A high sudsing, powerful
grease cutting dishwash.  Almond fragrance, pink color.
Fresh Scent Dish Detergent.  Abundance suds that quickly
cuts grease like DAWN.  Teal Blue Green color, fresh fragrance.
Lemon Pot & Pan Detergent.  A premium dishwashing
detergent for cutting grease.  Lemon fragrance, yellow color.
Lemon Fresh Hand Dishwash.  Abundance suds that quickly
cuts grease.  Yellow color, lemon fragrance.
Sure Clean Machine Dishwash.  A high solids product form-
ulated for high temperature machines.  Clear in color.
Chlorinated Machine Dishwash.  A concentrated, chlorinated

product for low temperature machines.  Yellow in color.
H.T. Rinse Additive.  A concentrated rinse and drying product
for high temperature machines.  Red in color.
Rinse Aide LF.  A concentrated rinse and drying product for
low temperature machines.  Blue/Green in color.
HCL Descaler.  A hydrochloric acid descaler for removing scale
build up in machine dishwashers.  Acid odor, straw color.
Strip Easy Oven Cleaner.  Strong sodium hydroxide cleaner
for removing grease and carbon deposits.  Yellow, lemon odor.
Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner.  Concentrated KOH cleaner for
removing burned-carbon deposits.  Brown color.
Freezer Cleaner.  For use in cleaning chillers, ice boxes,
freezers, etc.  Green in color.
KOH Drain Opener.  Concentrated drain opener and drain line
maintainer.  Red in color. 


Super Car Wash.  A high sudsing, manual or automatic,
car and truck wash.  Light green in color.
Super Wash 'N' Wax.  A high sudsing, manual or auto-
matic wash and wax.  Light green in color.
Spray Wax Auto Shine.  Formulated to leave a protective film
on painted surfaces.  Orange fragrance; orange in color.
Heavy Duty Truck Wash.
Panel Brite.
Touchless Car Wash. For automatic car wash systems. Brown in color.
Spotless Wash 'N' Wax.  A premium, concentrated, manual
or automatic wash and wax.  Burnt orange in color.
Bazooka Wash 'N' Wax.  Ultra high foaming wash and wax 
with bubble gum fragrance.
A.L. Brite.  A concentrated aluminum cleaner & brightener.
Dilution up to 40:1.  Acid odor; clear in color.
ReNew.  A water base, silicone emulsion for vinyl, leather,
and rubber dressing.  White in color.
Instant Spray-On Tire Cleaner.  A butyl based tire cleaner that
little or no scrubbing.  Green in color.
Tire Shine.  A solvent base, silicone tire dressing that leaves
a glossy shine.  Solvent odor, blue in color.
Pressure Washer. High dilution pressure wash.  Green color.
S.P. Clean.  20:1 dilution steam pressure clr. Yellow/green. 


Reflection 25.  A superior floor finish that combines high
gloss with exceptional durability.  UHS or conventional
buffing.  25% solids.  White polymer emulsion.
Reflection 20.  Same as above at 20% solids.
Reflection 18.  Same as above at 18% solids.
Reflection 16.  Same as above at 16% solids.
Protection Plus.  An exceptionally strong and durable seal
for resilient floors that protects them during heavy use.  
White polymer emulsion. 12% Floor Tile Sealer
"SHINE-ON 2025".  A specially formulated metal interlock
finish designed for high speed propane burnishing and daily
buffing.  Gives a wet look appearance.  25% solids.
"SHINE-ON 2022".  Same as above at 22% solids. Excellent
"SHINE-ON 2020".  Same as above at 20% solids.
Urethane 2001 Floor Finish.  A high gloss finish with 
urethane for greater durability.  White polymer emulsion.
"FIX" Polish Restorer.  A specially formulated spray buff
with surfactants for cleaning and acrylics for polishing.
Spray Buff.  Use on asphalt and various tile floors.  Baby
powder fragrance.
RESTORE.  Cleans and removes scuffs & scratches and con-
ditions floor for burnishing.  Clear with mild citrus odor.
OMU-40 Gym Finish.  A clear coating, oil modified urethane
varnish for gym floors.  Light color, slight solvent odor.
OMU-30 Wood Sealer.  A clear coating, oil modified urethane
sealer for bare wood.  Light color, slight solvent odor.
OMU-C Concrete Seal.  An oil modified urethane for sealing
concrete floor.  Light color, slight solvent odor.
Wax-Off Stripper.  A concentrated butyl stripper and wax
emulsifier. Butyl odor, green color.
"Removes-It" Wax Stripper.  An excellent alternative to butyl
 floor strippers that really works.  Clear and odorless!
"Blast Off" Wax Stripper, Bid.  A heavy duty stripper that really
takes the finish off.  Yellow color, butyl odor. Bid 50
"Blast Off" Wax Stripper.  A heavy duty stripper that really
takes the finish off.  Yellow color, butyl odor.
N.R. Stripper.  A powerful, no rinse, butyl stripper and wax
emulsifier.  Butyl odor; yellow color.
A. W. Stripper.  A concentrated, ammonia fortified, wax stripper.
Ammonia odor, yellow color.
"DEEP SCRUB" Cleaner.  Formulated for daily damp mopping
but also handles deep down cleaning.  Green with fresh odor.
Sudsy Ammonia.  Same as above with surfactant added for more
rapid penetration of grease.  Blue in color.
H-2 Dust Control. A water based dust mop treatment. 
Orange fragrance, orange color.

A-1 Dust Control.  A solvent base dust mop.  Banana
fragrance, clear liquid.


Anti-Foam Additive.  A concentrated silicone emulsion defoamer.  Odorless, white in color. 

S.E. Carpet Cleaner.  A steam extraction carpet cleaner formulated for deep down cleaning.  Lemon odor.  Clear.

 X-TRACT-O Carpet Cleaner.  Specially formulated for deep down cleaning with optical brighteners.  Yellow, pleasant odor.

"Bright" Carpet D-Browning.  Neutralizes alkalinity in carpet. Lemon fragrance.

R & B Carpet Cleaner.  Formulated for rotary or bonnet  cleaning.  Contains optical brighteners.  Yellow, pleasant odor.

D.F. Carpet Cleaner.  A dry foam carpet cleaner formulated for use in Dry Foam or Rotary Machines.  Butyl odor.  Clear.

Carpet Spotter.  Excellent carpet spotter that removes a wide range of organic material from fabrics.

Carpet Anti-Static.  Reduces the build up of static electricity in carpets.  Isopropyl odor, clear liquid.


Citrus Deodorant. A concentrated deodorant for schools,  
nursing homes, etc.  Citrus fragrance.  Yellow in color.
Orange Deodorant.  Same as above.  Orange in fragrance 
and color.
Cherry-O Deodorant.  Same as above. Cherry fragrance; red in
Cinnamon Deodorant. A concentrated deodorant formulated to
overcome many atmospheric malodors.  Red in color
Pina Colada Deodorant.  Same as above. Pina colada
fragrance.  Clear color.
Johnny's Apple Scent.  Same as above. Apple fragrance.  
Green in color.
Lemon Deodorant.  Same as above. Lemon fragrance.  Yellow color.
"Loves In the Air" Air Freshener.  A pleasant scent of romance fills the air with this fresh fragrance.  Clear color.
Mountain Fresh.  A concentrated deodorant for maloders in 
schools, nursing homes, etc.  Fresh outdoor fragrance, clear.
JJ's Baby Powder.  A concentrated deodorant formulated to
overcome atmospheric malodors.  Blue in color.
Fresh Linen.  Water soluble deodorant with a very pleasant
fragrance.  Blue in color.
Fresh Air.  Highly concentrated water soluble deodorant
with a pleasant floral fragrance.
"REFRESH".  A concentrated water soluble deodorant for use
in schools, nursing homes, etc.  Clear color, refreshing odor.
Knock Out

 I & I Laundry Detergent.  An economical laundry detergent
ideal for the industrial and institutional market.  Fresh
fragrance.  White in color.
Laundry Detergent II.  An excellent laundry detergent where price is a factor.  Slight citrus fragrance. Pa136 

ASR/OB Laundry Detergent.  An economical laundry detergent that incorporates anti-soil redespositing agents and optical brighteners.  Fresh fragrance.  White in color.

Premium Laundry Detergent.  A premium laundry detergent for use with most fabric.  Contains anti-soil redepositing and fabric brightening agents.  Fresh fragrance.  White color.

AP Laundry Detergent.  A nonionic/anionic blend with optical brighteners and anti-soil redeposing agents.  Fresh scent. "ALL IN ONE" Laundry Detergent.  A complete laundry detergent containing optical brighteners, anti-soil redepositing agents and a non-chlorine bleach.  Fresh scent.

 Non-Chlorinated Laundry Bleach.  An excellent oxygen bleaching agent safer to use than chlorine type bleaches. White granulated powder.

 CL-1 Dry Laundry Bleach.  An economical chlorine bleach for removing stains.  Slight chlorine odor. color.

 CL-10 Dry Laundry Bleach (10%).  Designed to remove grass, tea, wine, coffee, and other common stains.



Midas Touch Concrete Cleaner.   A yellow powdered
concrete cleaner that turns green upon contact with water.
Contains d'Limonene.  Orange fragrance.  Yellow in color
Powdered Car Wash.  A high sudsing car wash for manual
or automated systems.  White in color.
Premium Car Wash. A premium car wash powder excellent
for a manual or automated systems. Red in color.
Borax Powdered Hand Soap.  A granulated hand soap with
borax, high titer soap and lanolin that both cleans and softens
hands.  Pleasant fragrance.  Off-white color.
Chlorinated Machine Dishwash. A chlorinated, granulated,
powdered dishwashing compound for use in restaurants, 
cafeterias, etc.  Slight chlorine odor.  White in color.
Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner.  High alkali cleaner for removal of
heavily carbonized soils from food cooking and smoking
A.S. Vat Stripper.  A high alkali cleaner designed for use in
vat tanks and is safe to use for cleaning aluminum parts and
other soft metals.  White in color.
Synthetic Beads.  A spray dried, biodegradable, anionic,
synthetic bead.  Floral fragrance.  Pink or white in color.
"Absorb" Deodorant Granules.  A deodorized granule that
absorbs liquid and vomit.  Spearmint fragrance, tan color.

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